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My name is Jazmin Elek, I’m 8 years old, a competitive ice skater and I live in Ormond Beach, Florida.
I been 2,5 years old when I see “The ice princess” movie in the TV, what totally amazed me and I told my parents “ I want to be an ice princess”. This is where my story starts. That time the Daytona Beach Ice Arena was closed for renovation, they told my parents, they would reopen in a month. I’ve been enrolled in “Learn to Skate” program, I was so excited, asking every day, when I can go skating? Finally the time came and we went to the ice rink. I get rental skates first time on my foot. My dad lifts me up and places me on the ice and let me go. That was amazing, I was smiling and take off. This was the first time I feel the ice and I love it. I was skating. Everybody was amazed how I’m doing. After 5 months of skating I have my first show. That was a lot of fan. After the show I start lessons with a private coach. After 10 months of skating I have my first competition (Snowplow) and I get first place. Since then I have 5-6 competitions every year. I’ve been skating for 4 years with the same coach. In December 2013 I went to The Ice Factory in Kissimmee Florida, where I meet my new coaches, Tonia Berekhovskaia and Andrei Berekhovski. I love to work with them. They are very professionals and very good in what they doing. I love to skate and my coaches would help me do my best. Now I’m full member of Orlando Figure Skating Club and partial member of Daytona Figure Skating Club.
This is my story. I hope you enjoy my site, if you do please give me a comment and please tell your friends to come and see me. I would look forward to thank you for following me.
Thank you:
Jazmin Elek

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  1. Dear Jazmin,
    I am so excited for you. I am a fan of yours. I am looking forward to you becoming a star. Will you please put me on your email list? Thank you so much.
    Love you dear Jazmin.

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